OkBudget: The suite

Since OkBudget for the iPad is more or less finished (i'm waiting on graphic assets) I have started programming the Mac OSX version. I take the time here to explain where i'm going with this. OkBudget is built as a suite of softwares. The suite is comprised of: A Mac OSX application for the planning, estimating and budgeting part; An iPad application for managing allocations and tracking expenses; An iPhone version to know everywhere how much money i have left; A web application that will aggregate part of every other apps and give data saving in the "cloud".

This is what I have in my mind for now. Since iI'll be the first user of the suite, it all makes sense for my needs.  But it all could change as development advance. Also, you can note I listed the applications by prioriity. It goes with real usage.

1) iPad

For me the iPad version was urgent to do. I really needed the expense tracking feature to replace the pen and paper method i was using.

2) Mac OSX

Next is the mac app. There are many reason for it been second. First I need this app to replace the spreadsheets I'm using in numbers right now. Since the new years is coming soon, it will be time to sit down and plan the year. I would like to do it with this app. Next, I just learned to use Cocoa, Objective-C, Xcode, etc. I wanted to see how it was different from iOS. Finally, there is a new App Store for Mac OSX opening soon. I thought it would be a great timing to be there at launch. We'll see if i'm on time!

3) iPhone

We enter now the lower priority zone. I mean that i don't really need this for now but it will be a nice to have. With the iPhone version I will have the information on me anywhere about how much money I have left for the current week allocation. Probably what will happen for the iphone is that I will try to convert the iPad app on the iPhone so I will have an unversal app. The people who will have bought the iPad version will get the iPhone for free. Yeah!

4) Web

Final objective. This one is the least sure. The goal would be to have the data on the cloud and maybe an interface on the web. This will work in harmony with the iphone version so you get your data up to date everywhere. But there is a higher level of complexity here mainly because of security. I would not be happy to offer a service that can be hacked. It could become a nightmare. But, I don't throw the towel on this yet i'm just putting it at the end of the line.

Here you go, that's how i see the Okbudget project.