Help me!

It's been a while I posted something on the blog. Let's take a minute..

I have been working on OkBudget for Mac OSX for the last few weeks. I used it for our family 2011 budget and It works great. I want to submit the app on the Mac App Store real soon. I also settle on a price range. I will sell OkBudget Mac OSX for 99 cents. I have selected this price because I think it is fair for the value the customer will get and the effort I have put in. 

What is left before submission? The debugging stage is ongoing and i'm writing the help file. I'm surprised of the effort required to write an help file for a Mac OSX app! I thnik it is cool that the format is based on HTML/web technology. But it took a bit of time to understand how it works. I would really love a "one button press" process for this. Writing the help file is not the most fun I have in developing an application!